One of BJJ’s great mysteries solved!

Student: “How do I escape a triangle choke.”

Instructor: “Don’t get caught in one.”

This conversation has played out in thousands of dojos for decades now. No, your instructor is not being a jerk, he’s merely repeating what was told to him by his instructor when he first asked this question. It is however a tongue in cheek way of saying you haven’t learned enough yet to realize you are asking the wrong question. Hopefully you do have a good instructor who after saying this will show you an escape from the triangle choke. Or better yet you have a great instructor and he will show you how not to get caught in it.

If you do keep getting caught in the triangle, wouldn’t you prefer to learn what you are doing wrong that keeps putting you there?  There really is no fun way to escape from a triangle choke.  It is much more efficienttri to learn how to avoid it than getting caught and then having to escape.


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