A message to the new guy(girl).



Congratulations on starting your journey! You’re in for quite a ride.


The biggest thing you need to keep in mind is that we all started exactly where you are. Yes even the Black Belt teaching the class walked into a dojo many moons ago and had the same nervous jitters you do.

When you practice with people and they seem to know so much more than you, it’s the accumulation of years of hard work. There are no shortcuts, everyone has put in their time. However, they all started as a brand new white belt walking in for the first time.

I’ve had people tell me that they felt that everyone was so much better than them and that they just felt like they were wasting everybody else’s time. Nothing could be further from the truth. By helping others to learn we make ourselves better. The questions that you ask will make those more advanced students think about the techniques a lot more than they would have otherwise, as they explain things to you. This will give them a much better understanding of each technique learned.

It all may seem overwhelming at first as there is a lot to learn, but take a look around you. All those other people were once at the same place you are. They made it, and so can you.



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