How to be better 3 months from now!

Often when it comes time to roll, we grab a partner that we’ve rolled with many times before and proceed to have almost the exact training session that we’ve had with them a dozen times before. You know each others go to moves and set ups well, so it becomes a game of who’ll make the first mistake.

Do you want to be the same fighter you are now, three months from now? Or would you like to improve your game. Use rolling time not as fighting time but as a chance to improve yourself. Try new things. Experiment. Yes, sometimes you will get caught, but by expanding your boundaries you will become much better.

I always attempt to work on the weakest part of my game. At one point that was my guard, so for a long time I worked almost exclusively from my guard. Once that improved I started working on my escapes.  Mounted, cross-body, knee on belly, someone on my back. Most people try to avoid these positions like the plague. What I discovered however was that once I got good at escaping from these positions, I really didn’t mind being in them so much. Because of this I don’t panic when I get put in a bad position and therefore have an easier time finding my escape.

So if you’d like to be better three months from now, practice from your weakest positions. When your weakness becomes your strength life gets much easier.


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