How to be a good training partner

So you’ve  decided to start training in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Congratulations, you’ve taken a huge step and one that most people won’t make. How can you get the most out of your classes? Become a good training partner!

Everyone, including the advanced students, that can help you learn quicker, loves to have a good training partner. It helps us learn technique quicker, feel the details that make the technique work and make class much more enjoyable.

How can you be a good training partner?

Apply techniques slowly to start, to make sure you don’t injure your partner. Sometimes a technique may not be working. Doing it harder and faster is not going to make it work any better and greatly increases the chance of injury to your partner if you do suddenly catch the right angles.

Don’t fight the technique be learned. Let your partner do the technique to make sure they’ve learned it properly, then you can slowly start adding resistance as they start to understand things better. This is learning time, not fighting time. The idea is for the person practicing to get better at executing the move.

Don’t be a “dead weight” either. Most techniques rely on a certain amount of resistance for them to work properly. Leverage is gained by the body reacting to what is happening to it. If there is no reaction the “feel” is much different. The best way to accomplish this is by reacting with about 10% resistance to what is happening to you. This will give your partner the same feel as if things were live. Again as your partner becomes more proficient at the technique you can slowly start adding more resistance.

By becoming a good training partner, you’ll learn quicker, help your partners learn quicker and have much more fun on the mats.


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